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Maintaining Tunnel Co-habitants

Mid State Trail Poe Paddy Tunnel reline design accommodates threatened bats and hikers.
Jerry Silagyi, P.E.

Often, the application of structural plate pipe products serves to meet some unusual needs. On occasion, those needs include provisions for the passage of aquatic life or other critters. The Poe Paddy Tunnel reline included a symbiotic feature for a most peculiar cohort — bats, especially the state threatened eastern small-footed bat.

The tunnel was originally part of the Lewisburg and Tyrone Railroad, which began operation around 1880. The historic railway was abandoned by Penn Central in 1970 and the tunnel became a critical link in the Mid State Trail (MST), commonly known as the “Wildest Trail in Pennsylvania,” extending from Maryland to New York and bisecting central Pennsylvania.

The MST has come to epitomize the Pennsylvania trail system, and the Poe Paddy Tunnel is the heartbeat of its activity, serving not only as a pass through West Paddy Mountain in the heart of Bald Eagle State Forest, but also as an all-important throat of a peninsula formed by Penns Creek, where some of the best trout fly-fishing in the Northeast can be found.

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Lane Adds Double-Wide Split Coupler

to Corrugated HDPE Product Line

Split couplers for corrugated HDPE pipe remain one of the more valuable devices for joining pipe. Aside from manhole to manhole runs where the in-line bell and spigot joint is conventional, split couplers continue to be used extensively to accommodate a field cut pipe, an emergency repair, or those instances where pull-apart resistance is specified.

The railway industry is such an entity, making double-wide split couplers the standard connection for corrugated HDPE pipe. The double-wide coupler envelops four corrugations on each side of the joint to attain the added strength required for certain railway agencies. Up till now there was only one producer of the double-wide coupler, but with Lane’s new development meeting the railway specifications a competitive option is available. Visit YouTube to watch an assembly demonstration for 48” pipe.

Lane Promotes Cost-Effective Options

to Address Deficient Bridges in Pennsylvania

A recent national survey identified 11.5% of the country’s bridges as structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. That figure is 26.5% in Pennsylvania, amounting to nearly 6,000 deficient bridges in Lane’s geographic center and corporate home. With funding issues and budget constraints being the chief obstacles in addressing the aged infrastructure, Lane began promoting the cost benefits afforded with structural plate, a tried and true alternative to the more costly and time-consuming options used in more recent years.  Along with reduced construction times and other cost saving benefits, Lane’s direct marketing efforts aim to re-acquaint municipalities to the varied uses of structural plate, especially in addressing small bridge replacement, rehabilitation and reline work. Together with turnkey services available through Lane’s Long Span Bridge & Culvert Division, Lane is uniquely positioned to partner with Pennsylvania agencies to achieve their bridge improvement goals.

  • Three manufacturing facilities within Pennsylvania
  • Lane engineering resources centralized in Pennsylvania
  • Design services, assembly services, backfill monitoring
  • Reduced construction times, less construction equipment
  • Steel and aluminum structural plate, box culverts and other shapes
  • Prefabricated aluminum structural plate headwall-culvert systems

Lane’s innovative bridge products and technologies can help bring bridge replacement and rehabilitation costs in at a fraction of the cost of standard methods and can trim weeks or even months from construction schedules. Contact 717-761-8175 to get connected with a Lane representative.

New, Advanced Stormwater Chamber Lines Exceed ASTM Standards

Prinsco, Inc.’s HydroStor™ and Lane Enterprises’ StormKeeper™ chambers result from unique, co-development process

WILLMAR, Minn. and HARRISBURG, Pa. – Mar. 1, 2015 – Prinsco, Inc. and Lane Enterprises announce the launch of two new stormwater chamber lines built from the same, engineered design. The companies have leveraged a combined 120 years of engineering and manufacturing experience in the water management industry to co-develop a new high performance, injection molded chamber design for the civil commercial construction market. Their unprecedented partnership has resulted in new chamber options for civil engineers looking for high efficiency stormwater storage and retention products engineered to meet or exceed ASTM F2418, the most rigorous standard to date.

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