Stormwater Management Systems

Lane manufactures Stormwater Management Systems for detention, retention and infiltration purposes. As a manufacturer of both corrugated steel and polyethylene pipe, Lane enjoys the unique position of being able to supply the product better suited for the project. A cost analysis is usually the deciding factor when choosing material, with the trade-off in favor of metal typically occurring around the 36" diameter mark. Since Lane also manages 100% of the fabrication work for both standard and custom fittings, the customer can have that same reputation for quality in every piece delivered to the site.

Steel pipe detention systems have been used predominantly to temporarily store runoff and release it at a predetermined rate. Large pipes are installed underground, often beneath parking lots, allowing above-ground use of the site. The use of this land for other purposes results in substantial cost savings.

Since CSP is easily fabricated, system layouts can be custom-designed. Elbows, tees, manifolds, inlets and outlet control structures can all be fabricated from CSP. Lane craftsmen do it all — no subcontractors or job shops are necessary.

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The economical solution to control stormwater runoff! Lane’s systems maximize use of existing prime real estate and eliminate the poor aesthetics, hazards and risks of typical above-ground stormwater management ponds.