Lane Adds Double-Wide Split Coupler to Corrugated HDPE Product Line

Double-Wide Split CouplerSplit couplers for corrugated HDPE pipe remain one of the more valuable devices for joining pipe. Aside from manhole to manhole runs where the in-line bell and spigot joint is conventional, split couplers continue to be used extensively to accommodate a field cut pipe, an emergency repair, or those instances where pull-apart resistance is specified.

The railway industry is such an entity, making double-wide split couplers the standard connection for corrugated HDPE pipe. The double-wide coupler envelops four corrugations on each side of the joint to attain the added strength required for certain railway agencies. Up till now there was only one producer of the double-wide coupler, but with Lane’s new development meeting the railway specifications a competitive option is available. Visit YouTube to watch an assembly demonstration for 48” pipe.