Lane Promotes Cost-Effective Options to Address Deficient Bridges in Pennsylvania

A recent national survey identified 11.5% of the country’s bridges as structurally deficient or functionally obsolete. That figure is 26.5% in Pennsylvania, amounting to nearly 6,000 deficient bridges in Lane’s geographic center and corporate home.

With funding issues and budget constraints being the chief obstacles in addressing the aged infrastructure, Lane began promoting the cost benefits afforded with structural plate, a tried and true alternative to the more costly and time-consuming options used in more recent years.  Along with reduced construction times and other cost saving benefits, Lane’s direct marketing efforts aim to re-acquaint municipalities to the varied uses of structural plate, especially in addressing small bridge replacement, rehabilitation and reline work. Together with turnkey services available through Lane’s Long Span Bridge & Culvert Division, Lane is uniquely positioned to partner with Pennsylvania agencies to achieve their bridge improvement goals.

  • Three manufacturing facilities within Pennsylvania
  • Lane engineering resources centralized in Pennsylvania
  • Design services, assembly services, backfill monitoring
  • Reduced construction times, less construction equipment
  • Steel and aluminum structural plate, box culverts and other shapes
  • Prefabricated aluminum structural plate headwall-culvert systems

Lane’s innovative bridge products and technologies can help bring bridge replacement and rehabilitation costs in at a fraction of the cost of standard methods and can trim weeks or even months from construction schedules. Contact 717-761-8175 to get connected with a Lane representative.