StormKleener™ Filter Cartridge System

Lane StormKleener

The Lane StormKleener Filter Cartridge System is a storm water treatment device consisting of one or multiple cylindrical media-filled cartridges housed in a containment or carrier vessel. The containment vessel can be constructed from any appropriate material including corrugated metal pipe, plastic pipe, or a reinforced concrete vault. The Lane StormKleener Filter Cartridge System is a passive flow-through filtration system that filters and cleans storm water to provide an exceptional pollutant removal during storm events while providing a naturally occurring backwash to enhance and extend the life of the cartridge.

Because the filter cartridges are modular, they can be configured for any site to provide storm water treatment required by local regulations. In addition, the filtration material can be altered to target specific problem pollutants when needed.

The Lane StormKleener Filter Cartridge System has been extensively tested and has completed the New Jersey Corporation for Advanced Technology (NJCAT) testing protocol for filters passing the requirement for over 80% suspended solids removal.

Advantages of the Lane StormKleener Filter Cartridge System

  • Removes contaminants through the use of media filtration.
  • It is designed to allow the up-flow of water filtration through the cartridge filters.
  • It can be designed for any flow or volume of treatment.