StormKeeper™ Sediment Strip

The StormKeeper™ Sediment Strip is an NJCAT verified water quality treatment device that can easily be incorporated into any system layout by providing three additional features to a designated row of chambers:

Flow Diversion -The initial storm water flows from a rain event (i.e. the first flush) are routed directly to the Sediment Strip via a small manhole or drain basin with an integrated diversion weir, allowing storm water to first fill the designated row before overtopping the weir and spilling over into the remaining rows.

Sediment Confinement -The above-mentioned weir places the Sediment Strip in a sump condition where solids are captured. Confining sediment in the designated row is achieved by installing the Sediment Strip chambers atop a double-layer of woven geotextile.

Maintenance Access - In order to sustain the water quality benefits the Sediment Strip must be accessible for cleaning operations. The diversion structure provides suitable access for water-jetting equipment to propel into the designated row and pull back material into a small sump where it can be vacuumed out.


Results of All Verified Claims:

(Typical size ranges only. Consult a Lane representative for availability beyond these limits.)

Summary of Verified Claims
Rate (gpm/ft²
Geotextile Layers
Test Sediment
Mean Particle
Concentration (mg/L)
TSS Removal
4.0 2 1-1000μ 200 84%
Verification testing of the Lane Enterprises SK75 StormKeeper™ Chamber Sediment Strip in accordance with the NJDEP Laboratory protocol to assess total suspended solids removal by a filtration manufactured treatment device, 2013 (by Alden Research Laboratory, their Report No. 1162LESSCSVT, dated October 2016).